Diane Von Furstenburg

OM! Peaceful Week with Easy Outfits and Anne Hathaway!

Valentine’s Day was such a cute movie!  Anne Hathaway’s character has a secret and if you haven’t seen the movie then you should!  I love her outfits in the movie, but this is my favorite one.

A very sophisticated look, I really like this Diane Von Furstenburg skirt and the built in belt, the blazer and skirt make it very work appropriate.  $245

Tuck this peasant blouse from Victoria Secret into the skirt to achieve the same look, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the shirt untucked with the skirt as it will create a very UN-flattering shape.  $58

I feel like I am constantly writing about blazers, but it’s probably because it’s such a wardrobe staple!  The gold buttons on the Aqua blazer match the gold buttons on the skirt which is cute, because it’s two different fabric colors, but the gold ties them together.  $98

Bindya has created a beautiful scarf and I actually like this one better than Anne’s in the photo because it’s brighter, adding more contrast.  $105

Black boots are a great staple, like blazers, and I really like this style and the price!  Casual, with a low heel great for everyday wear, these are from Windsor!  $34

A black purse, like this  MICHAEL Michael Kors bag, is also a nice staple to have in your wardrobe, just because it can go with so many outfits!  $368

Where I found it all!


Today is Sale Friday! Instead of just doing one accessory on sale I put together a whole set of travel items on sale!  I was in a jet-set mood today and thought, “Everyone should look good when they travel!” so I found some great deals on travel-ware.

This luggage is such a great deal, $59 for a three-piece set of Diane Von Furstenburg luggage is awesome, and it’s cute too!  Black is a great color for luggage because it doesn’t show wear just make sure to tag your bags so they don’t get confused with someone else’s!

A travel kit by White and Warren complete with blanket, slippers, and an eye mask, is sure to keep you comfy.  Let’s be honest, who really likes to use the airplane blankets, and why would you when you have a 100% cashmere option!

When you arrive look trendy in a Line Knitwear scarf! This black and white scarf will go with whatever you’ve packed so you’ll be able to wear it on your trip and when you get of the plane!

Whether your plane ride is long or short the airplane can make you look haggard! So pack this little MARK by Avon make-up “pick-me-up” to freshen up when you land or even before!

Where I found it all!

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all photo credit to appropriate sources.