Inspiration Station

We all need to be motivated, sometimes it’s a kind word or a spark that suddenly ignites within us to strive for our goals.  Personally when I get inspired I feel as though I can accomplish anything.  

I love the feeling of being inspired and anytime I hear a quote, a sermon at church, read a book, take in a view, a meal, or a movie that moves me I always want to share it! So here is what’s inspiring me right now!!

A great message from Joel Osteen


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Podcast of Joel’s Be Positive or Be Quiet Sermon

A view from my hometown


A photo taken during one my shows recently


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Wednesday Escape to Scotland

Half way through the week I often find myself thinking of all the places I want to visit (my Instagram feed that includes National Geographic and Travel and Leisure do not help this situation.)  There is so much world to see and so many things to be discovered, and I got to travel a lot as a child so I caught wanderlust very early on.   Today I’m dreaming about one of my favorite places, Scotland.  Have you been? If so tell me all about it!


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