Creative Spaces and Places

Finding the right work space is essential to success.  Whether you find peace in a crowded coffee shop, the silence of your own home, or anywhere in between, discovering your zen will help achieve the greatest results.  For me, the muse of creativity strikes at many different times, but when I’m trying to write a song having a system helps me find that creativity.  When I’m songwriting I like to have several things on hand, my notebook(s), my computer, my phone, and my guitar/piano.  What helps you find your best results?




Top 5 Hair Products



If you’ve watched my videos for any length of time, you know that I’m fairly obsessed with changing my hair color…style…length.  I’ve tried so many different colors and I love them all, but some have been more, *taxing* on my hair than others – read “hair as white as snow” here – and it became a requirement to find the best hair products for my hair.  I’m sharing my top five hair products today!

1.  I love big hair, but teasing can be so damaging.  Enter UNITE Expanda Volume! Easy to use and volume for days! Spray it into the roots of wet hair and voilá, big, beautiful, undamaged hair.

2.  Oribe, what can I say? I love this brand.  The scent is beautiful, the hold is gentle but firm, and the packaging is decadent.  It’s a bit pricey but considering I don’t go through a ton of hair spray I don’t mind the financial commitment when it lasts me a good six months.

3.  Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend.  Unless you love washing your hair every single day, you’ve probably tried some for of dry shampoo before.  I have tried many brands and I like Pret-A-Powder from Bumble & Bumble because it’s multi-talented.  It’s a dry shampoo, a style extender, and it adds volume.  The super plus? It goes on as a white powder but when you brush it in, it disappears! Magic.

4.  Coconut oil is something every person should have in their home.  It’s uses are endless, but that’s a topic for another post.  In regards to hair my favorite uses for coconut oil are hair masks and as a shine serum.  For the mask there really isn’t such a thing as too much, coat your hair a leave it in for a couple hours, then wash and style as normal.  For a shine serum warm a small amount in the palm of your hand and then just run it through your hair from mid shift to end. Use sparingly.

5.  Style Extender by Living Proof is great for short weekend trips because you style your hair before leaving and it helps extend the style; curls, blowout, whatever, keeping it looking polished a little longer.  This and dry shampoo are a great team because while the lengths hold the style the roots can get a little oily, so dry shampoo can combat this for you while you enjoy your weekend getaway with great hair!

Tell me your top 5 hair products in the comments!