Vintage chic with Vanessa Hudgens!

So I’m pretty sure you could consider it the “celebrity staple outfit”, but none the less as Vanessa Hudgen’s proves it is a cute outfit!  Scarves and jeans could be the go-to outfit for every girl because of how awesomely chic it looks!  But not only do I want to talk about how cute it is, I want to talk about bargain shopping!

These jeans are super cute, but the price tag for these GoldSign jeans is $280!  Here is the secret though, I own a pair of GoldSign jeans similar but paid less than $25 for them!  So search your Buffalo Exchange, and vintage boutiques for stuff on sale!

I’ve decided that silk print scarves are my new favorite accessory, and I found a great one from a vintage store in LA.  A few days later I was packing and saw the tag and it was Oscar de la Renta!  For under $17!  So today’s post is about vintage chic and saving money!



(If you love these items, HERE is where to find them!)

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Your Day to Evening Look Like Alexis Bledel!

I like a look that is effortless and classic and that’s definitely the look Alexis Bledel is working here!  Black pants and a white shirt is as classic as you can get, just make sure your accessories stand out!

Black pants are a classic!  These RED Valentino’s pants are pricey but it’s the idea I want you to see, a fitted pair of pants! Also, you can often find black pants on sale.  $214

A white button down is great for so many looks, but I like this simple style from Alternative Apparel, it’s almost a boyfriend style.  $70

A clutch is always convenient and I love this one from The Limited with two colors of studs on them!  $29

I like how this French Connection shoe goes so well with the clutch!  $169

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.