Your Day to Evening Look Like Alexis Bledel!

I like a look that is effortless and classic and that’s definitely the look Alexis Bledel is working here!  Black pants and a white shirt is as classic as you can get, just make sure your accessories stand out!

Black pants are a classic!  These RED Valentino’s pants are pricey but it’s the idea I want you to see, a fitted pair of pants! Also, you can often find black pants on sale.  $214

A white button down is great for so many looks, but I like this simple style from Alternative Apparel, it’s almost a boyfriend style.  $70

A clutch is always convenient and I love this one from The Limited with two colors of studs on them!  $29

I like how this French Connection shoe goes so well with the clutch!  $169

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.

Victoria Beckham Caught In A White Out!

Summer and the deepest part of winter have something in common, you can wear pure white, in appropriate ways, during both!  Summer is great because you get to wear like Victoria Beckham is here, short and sassy!

This white dress from Asos is more asymmetrical than Victoria’s, but I like that it has the same sort of effortless chic feeling.  $160

Victoria is carrying a Hermes Birkin bag, and because those are hard to come by and expensive, I just this KATHY Van Zeeland white handbag with a little silver detailing.  $110

I love white heels, they are so versatile!  These Miss Me pumps have a great platform and at a great price!  $39

I didn’t notice Victoria wearing a ring but I saw this Guess ring and that it was so cute!  It also ties in the black like the button if you wanted to wear black sunglasses too!  $18

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.