Get LC’s Look!

Lauren Conrad was a reality TV star in high school, then again when she moved from Laguna to the Hills of Hollywood.  She has a clothing line and has written two books, her latest Sweet Little Lies has just come out.  She is also very fashionable, and a look like this is great for going out and being comfortable!

Elizabeth and James hit a strong note with this off the shoulder dress, it’s flowing fabric makes it flattering and comfortable. $255

Gladiator heels make your feet an accessory as is the case with these BCBGirls heels.  Make sure to try them on before hand because you want a pair that’s at least somewhat comfortable! $109

Previously, it wasn’t really kosher to mix your metals, but that’s old news!  Both these rings are so interesting.  The gold bamboo ring from is so cool, you know you’ll want to wear it again!  The same goes for this Giles and Brother Spike ring, a curved nail! Bamboo ring-$115, Spike ring-$115

All the jewelry accessories for this outfit are under-stated as is the case with this bracelet.  Simple, feminine, the small gold beads add a hint of culture without being overwhelming. $62

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Lauren Conrad’s new book Sweet Little Lies

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Right Hand Rings!

On Monday my Mother and I went to Tiffany & Co. for her to try on right hand rings, and it got me thinking every woman should have a right hand ring!  Something that celebrates her for exactly who she is!  I know some right hand rings are super expensive, but that’s not the priority right now, the priority is making sure you remember how special you are!  Pretty much any ring can be a right hand ring! You just have to choose one!

I like the flower ring because it represents beauty and refinement.

Rings don’t need to have diamonds!  Color can represent personality, and colored stones do the same!

The key is very unique and may not suit every personality, but I have an affinity for keys and I know lots of my friends do too!  A key can represent, your success, your mystery, or even your heart!

The bow is cute and edgy especially with the chain band!

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