Winter Wonder Hats!

So I haven’t been a faithful fashion writer, but I’ve been busy finding great fashion treasures!  It’s winter time and I have a new obsession with hats.   The best are the thick artsy ones like Mandy Moore from Tangled is wearing here.

Bows are a new found pleasure of mine I especially like them on hats and hairbands, like this one from Milly, with matching gloves.

I know that fur isn’t the nicest thing to adorn yourself with but you could definitely find a faux fur option, I just thought this still from Saks Fifth Avenue was too cute not to notice!

Free People is one of my favorite companies.  It’s so hippie and bohemian chic, just like this hat they designed!  It’s knit and oversized but done right it could be just gorgeous.

I’ve been in love with this new hat I bought, it’s white and wintery but it also has some embellishments that make it winter-bling, that’s my newest personal winter theme; cute wintery but with some sparkle!

Where I found it all!

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Capes With Kim Kardashian!

Last night I wore a cape out, and I have to say, I felt very chic.  I can’t say I just decided to wear a cape, but I did notice they were becoming somewhat of a trend and I had one in my closet so I tried it out!  I have to say I can see the appeal for Kim Kardashian, they’re so effortless but SO stylish.

Okay so this is more of a poncho than a cape.  But I really like the neckline of this Topshop buy, it’s somewhere between a cowl and a turtleneck plus the print is so wintery!

So, I don’t exactly love the price, but the over all shape is very classically cape-like.  French Connection comes out with great pieces like this cape but I would keep my eye open for a less price option!

This cape, again from Topshop, is so military but just imagine it with some great black riding boots!  Plus it’s not crazy expensive, please keep in mind capes are great for all types of weather just remember to layer!

Where I found it all!

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