Business Chic


All Saints Skirt, Givenchy Blazer – similar one here, Steve Madden Boots – also seen here, James Perse Tank Top, Michael Kors Bag, Cole Haan Sunglasses – similar pair here

Business attire is something we all need to utilize at some point.  For me, “business attire” is whatever the video shoot or stage performance calls for but because I had some meetings on this day I decided to embrace a traditional business chic.  I went with a traditional blazer because it really gives the feeling of productivity and then I paired it with an All Saints skirt that is more playful in cut but is muted in color.  On this beautiful day it made perfect sense to bring some fall foliage into the photography.

How To Find Your Signature Fragrance!

Yesterday afternoon I went on a mission to test out different fragrances, because I feel women need to know how to find their perfect signature scent!  Don’t buy a perfume instantly after smelling it, or spraying it on yourself, give it time to react with your own skin and scent.  You may be extraordinarily surprised by the changes in the fragrance once you’ve worn it for an hour or two.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian fragrance is warm and floral.  Not overwhelming and definitely something you could wear out at night.  But again remember to try it on and where it a while, because it needs time to blend with your natural scents.


Jean Paul Gauliter Classique Parfum is a stand out!  I have a friend who wore this scent for this first few years we were friends and now it still reminds me of her and she doesn’t even wear it anymore!  With sweet undertones and hints of what seems to be amber and brown sugar it is sure to turn heads!


DKNY Delicious smells just like a juicy mouth watering green apple!  It’s very natural and not overly sweet, it almost has the scent of the slightly sour taste of a perfectly ripe apple!


YSL Parisienne caught my attention from a magazine tester!  I loved the very feminine scent.  YSL advertises Parisienne as almost an adventure or gentle mystery, and I have to agree that it does smell like a sweet mystery.


Givenchy Hot Couture is sweet, but the after scent reminds me of toasted marshmallow and coconut!


Very Hollywood by Michael Kors is just want it sounds like.  It makes me think of hollywood and red carpets, but it also reminds me of an older woman, so make sure to test this one out!


Where I found it all!