Venice anyone?

A few days ago I was down in Venice, exploring a new part of LA. One thing I real enjoy about LA is how it’s a big city made up of a bunch of little communities. I have to confess that even though I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a little over a year, I only recently was introduced to Venice. I knew it was there, but I was always too busy to make my way down the 405 for a beachy day away. I discovered two great antique stores while I was there, both I found to be a little over priced but still full of beautiful things to look at! I fell in lust with this pink jacket, I ended up walking away from it, but I’m hoping to find one similar in the future.


Don’t you want to look like Cameron Diaz?

Do you like to be as athletic as you are fashionable?!  Or at least athletic enough to wear great workout clothes?  Everyone has there exercise regime, whether it’s power shopping or daily jogs through central park!  I particularly like to walk my dogs everyday.

Celebrities like to exercise too!  Here’s Cameron Diaz, and whether she’s coming from the gym or just relaxing she’s definitely working those yoga pants!!!

I love yoga!  It makes me feel so stretched out and peaceful all the same time.  Yoga clothes I like to wear even when I’m not in the yoga studio!  This hoodie is stylish and yoga-rific! It’s made by Lululemon which a very yoga friendly company.

Remix Lulu Hoodie $98

Where I found it

Victoria Secret is basically every woman’s go to for under garments!  Well they now have a line for getting more tone as well! VSX Sport is a athletic friendly line, and these yoga pants are great!  Light and loose fitting they are comfortable especially if you are just wearing them to warm up!

Warm-up Pant  $24

Where I found it

I love bags! Bags for every occasion, and after reading the reviews I totally want one of these!  It sounds like the perfect light-weight durable gym/yoga/dance bag!

I Am Great Tote $58

Where I found it