Leather Jackets

Happy Thanksgiving My Fashionistas! Now that we are officially into the holiday season I want to talk about a great gift, or item for yourself! Don’t forget the sales tomorrow on Pink/Black Friday!

You see them on stars and in all the movies, whether it’s a werewolf or a space-jumper.  They’re hot!  In so many styles. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is maybe one of the best pieces to have in your wardrobe, because they are in style and even when they go out they always come back around within a season or two.

Here is Jen Aniston in a really stylish leather jacket, she has paired it with a bag that has some intense but sparse hardware. It’s a laid back but effortless chic outfit.


Now here are a few ways to make it your style!

This jacket is super cute! It’s cropped which is great but not so awesome if you live in a really cold place, you’d probably need an option that’s a little  longer and possibly thicker. The hood adds for a slightly different take on a classic leather jacket.

41FgMXxaqIL._AA280_Guess Olivia Leather Jacket $298

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It’s great when you find an item that mixes two styles at once. But it’s a treasure when it has three styles in one.  This jacket is leather but also it’s a long trench type coat, and it’s metallic which is so seasonal.  This jacket is fabulous, maybe not for you if you are planning on making it your everyday coat for three winters, but as a supplementary jacket to add variety to your closet it’s a gem.

pBUR-6051611t237x329Burberry Quilted Leather Trench Coat $2395

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A just as stylish but slightly less expensive option in a neutral tone is great for everyday, the best thing about moderately priced items is you can replace them seasonally. Also classic leather jacket doesn’t have to imply black tones.  It can range from bieges, browns, to even gray tones. This jacket it great because of it’s stylized look.  It resembles a blazer, but yet it’s a lovely brown and it’s leather which gives it a harder look, think structurally classic and elementally modern combined!

elija2044715750_p1_v1_m56577569831802464_254x500Elizabeth and James $346

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Black Heels

I was at a friend’s yesterday and she was getting ready to go out and was trying on several outfits.  What I noticed in the process of trying on several different outfits is that there is a staple that everyone woman should have in her closet.  They come in all different styles, heights, and in every size…I’m talking about black heels! They should be a standard because they go with everything and make any outfit look polished.  SInce these are your “call-on” pair of shoes they should be stylish AND comfortable, and if possible you should have two pairs one for going out and one for business.

First I’ll list and talk about black heels that are great for evening wear to dinner or a club.

kate-spade-genny-heart-pump-4Kate Spade Genny  $325

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The next pair is by one of my favorite designers and if you know what the red sole means I’m sure he’s one of your favorites too.

0452506605225R_300x400Christian Louboutin $795

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I own the next pair in white and I have worn them with so many things I can only imagine the versatility of this cute shoe in black

6573_black_lBetsey Johnson Glitter Polly’s $220

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Now let’s talk about classic black shoes for the office, work, or with a more professional look.

This Micheal Kors pair is great because they are sleek but the gold button at the back adds a little something extra.

1027193-p-DETAILEDMicheal Kors $98

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The next shoes offer a bit of variety from the closed toe shoes but still maintain a professional vibe

4998-339045-dStuart Weitzman $131

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Last but not least, if you work in a more fun environment then this might be the perfect shoe for you! It still it professional but the heel gives it a definite boost.

6901-367054-dDaniblack Rebel $101

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