Sweet Sweatery Treats!

Let’s Talk About Sweaters! Nothing could be more cozy and fashionable then a long sweater. In the summer you can wear light colors with with button down and boots, but during the winter is when you can really maximize your options with a “boyfriend” sweater!  It’s great for layering with tights, v-neck tanks, and even a jacket over it, with boots! For sweaters that are not as long they can still be just as fashionable, it’s all in how you wear it!  Long sweaters are great, but they’re not the only sweater worth mentioning.  Sweaters are warm and stylish and come in so many styles! They come in varying colors so you can keep it neutral and classic or you can rev up your color quota by adding a pattern or splash of color.

megan_fox_tab_cardiganMegan Fox in a “boyfriend” cardigan with great lace tights!

A striped sweater is so cute, but it doesn’t flatter everyone! It’s important to try it on and make sure it looks good!

17295866_001_aBDG Boyfriend Cardigan $38

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This sweater is very chic especially if worn with a turtleneck for warmth.

cover2000410099_p1_v1_m56577569831824375_150x296Covered asymmetrical sweater $350

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I love this sweater! It is so different and gives a whole new take on wearing a sweater.  The ribbing down the center adds a slimming effect and the color is great! Red is great seasonally and it’s the color of confidence.

17241308_060_a-1Silence and Noise Cardigan $48

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To spice up your holiday outfits add something like this.  It pairs two great season trends in one and it’s a great length for wearing with a dress. The sequins give it a magical and whimsical feeling that works so well with the light tones of the sweater.

larok2029911906_p1_v1_m56577569831799318_150x296LaROK Sequin Cardigan $243

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SCARVES! They are everywhere, on everyone being worn in so many ways! You can find them in boutiques, department stores, or probably even your sister’s closet, if she doesn’t mind sharing. The versatility of a scarf is one of the best parts about it. You can wear it around your neck, in your hair around your waist, tied around your neck, and they come in every shape, size, and color. There are designers like Hermés who specialize in scarves in beautiful silks, but there are some scarves that are also beautiful but at more accommodating prices.

A lot of celebrities LOVE scarves right now. Rachel Bilson is definitely among those people.


The Hermés Twilly is a short little scarf about two inches wide and they come in all sorts of beautiful designs and patterns. You can wear it tied around your head, around a ponytail, on your wrist or you can pull it through a nice diamond, silver, gold, or platinum ring and make the ring into a very stylish bracelet.

10_hermesHermés Twilly $125

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The classic Hermés scarf is much bigger and can even been worn as a shirt during the warmer months. A scarf like this is SO versatile, you can wear it as a shall and tie it with a knot in front or just leave it draped over your shoulders untied, a belt, around your head over your hair, or even just tie it onto your purse as a splash of color.

Hermes silk twill scarfHermés Silk Twill $375

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A long scarf can be so handy to have because it can dress up an outfit or even keep you warmer! Very functional, and these scarves are easy to find, you can wrap it up around your neck, or leave it hanging, or tie it in a knot in front.

madew2006228642_p1_v1_m56577569831817088_254x500Madewell Fringe Scarf $50

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Or one of my personal favorite accessories the Circle Scarf. It comes in just about any color in sheer or heavy cotton. It’s the most loveable accessories. This scarf can be worn as a dress belted at the waist, a shall, as a scarf/hoodie combo, even a skirt belted at the waist.

serve.aspAmerican Apparel Circle Scarf $28

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