Fashionate me!

I have a definite passion for fashion! I’m sure many women can share that love, of getting something new and then wearing it out and feeling fabulous. I love style no matter how it comes…whether it’s sunglasses, hats, purses, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, great clothes, or trendy accessories for your computer  I like it all.  I especially love it when I find one treasure that I know I will wear again and again or something perfect on sale.  I love shopping and now I’m excited to be able to help others shop for the trendy stylish items for making your everyday wardrobe more stylish.     Wearing the right outfit can make you stand out and look more distinguished, and it makes you feel great about yourself. I love the sky high heels, from Christian Louboutin.  The beautiful leather and heavy hardware of Chloe, but I also love my skinny virtual stretch denim jeans and my many American Apparel v-necks and I love pairing it all together!