Re-Use Accessories Like Reese!

Girls, I know it’s summer, but don’t forget about accessories in your rush to lighten your wardrobe!  A trend I’ve been noticing is pairing your favorite summer frock or dress with more utilitarian accessories!

I love this Michael Stars dress because of the bright color!  It’s so bold and will look great with browns, army greens and similar muted accessories!


This cargo jacket from Victoria Secret can be worn as a jacket, vest, cropped jacket, or cropped vest, with that many options you could keep this vest for years!

Belting a dress with a waist belt like this one from Asos instantly takes it from beach to chic!  It becomes a dress you can wear to a club or dinner, and that is getting your money’s worth out of a favorite dress!

Espadrilles could be termed, “the summer high heel”  because they are pretty much sandals with awesome height!  I love the simplicity of these Miu Miu Espadrilles!

Where I found it all!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Don’t feel compelled to wear all these accessories at a time, try it out and see what works for you! Sometimes one additional piece is plenty especially in summer!

Who Wears Short Shorts? Katy Perry Wears Short Shorts!

Retro-chic, is what I’m going to aim for this summer and you should too!  Think classy girls from those forties films!  If your having trouble picturing the look, think Katy Perry!

I love a nice high-waisted pair of shorts, like these from Marc Jacobs.  They really accentuate your waist and give your body a great shape.  $550

I love plaid shirts, for me it’s one of my go-to pieces!  Also by Marc Jacobs, this shirt is a great standard plaid top.  It has bright colors and a loose fit which equals great summer comfort!  $168

Any pair of platform pumps will complete this outfit, but I really like the neutral gray tone of these Sergio Rossi peep-toe pumps.  $477

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.