Weekend Outfit Like Kate’s For Under $100!

Kate Hudson seems like a free spirit and this look embodies that! Kate is very stylish and has a bohemian flare which is perfect for a summer weekend look.  You  can also get this entire look for under $100!

Jeans with a rolled cuff proclaim summer time and beach season!  These Roxy jeans are ON SALE for $13.99!

A white tunic is so classic and comfortable!  I actually like this one better because doesn’t have the tie around the middle.  This is ON SALE from J. Jill for $29.99!

A canvas bag is great for summer because it’s a fabric that isn’t too heavy and is great for city use or for going to the beach!  Also from J. Jill this bag is ON SALE for $24.99

I’m not always a fan of gladiator sandals but I actually really like this Express sandals!  The design is not over the top and the gold studs are a nice pop of excitement to the rest of the outfit.  ON SALE for $14.99

These white shades from Urban Outfitters are very similar to Kate’s sunglasses.  I like that the brown lenses tie in to the brown leather gladiators.  ON SALE for $4.99!

Where I found it all!

A Vampire’s Day Look With Ashley Greene!

One of my favorite fashion mixes is neutral-classic basics (think jeans and a tank), and then accessories and outer pieces that all fit into the same color palette.  Ashley Greene from The Twilight Saga is on the tour circuit promoting the latest Twilight film, Eclipse and looking great while working the casual look with cohesive accessories.

I like this Kooba bag a lot, am I in love with the price?  Not so much.  I would search for  a similar bag.

This next one from Urban Outfitters is similar to the Kooba but your getting something similar for a lot less.

I like these Jessica Simpson platforms because they are in the brown family but are different enough to avoid looking “matchy-matchy”.

This jacket from Asos doesn’t have the front detail like Ashley’s but it will be more flattering on a variety of body types.

Where I found it all!