Ashley Greene As A Style Muse!

Ashley Greene, also known as Alice Cullen, has recently become one of my favorite style icons!  I haven’t seen a bad look on her yet (knock on wood) even when she isn’t doing press she still looks good!

Depending on the style sometimes leather skirts can be trashy, but with a high-waisted longer style like this Theory skirt you can’t really go wrong!  It’s a little pricey but good leather is expensive. $200

If you already have a ruffled blouse in a complimentary colour than wear that, I really like this bright pink from Asos! $47

Most girls have black pumps, but if not I love these Guess heels. I would say this is a good time to coordinate materials, if your wearing a leather skirt stick with leather heels.  $89

Where I found it all!

Miley’s Motorcycle…Boots!

I’ve had a craving recently that I just can’t seem to get rid of, a craving for MOTORCYCLE BOOTS!  They have a very rough appeal, but some people like Miley Cyrus appear to be a fan of this edgy footwear!

Frye’s boots are always expensive, but you get what you pay for, so if your looking for the perfect pair of black, slightly embellished boots and have some money to spare these are awesome!  $268

I like knee boots because I feel like they hit in a more flattering place, these Miss Mooz boots aren’t overly decorated which is nice because it allows it to be an accessory and not a statement.  $184

These Dollhouse boots are much more embellished with studs and straps so if you like a more flash on your footwear than this is a great option at a great price!  $59

Where I found it all!