Match Your Lips To Your Accessories Like Taylor Momsen!

I read on Bellasugar and then on Glamour about matching your accessories to your lips to your accessories, what a cute idea!  Then I found this photo of Taylor Momsen doing just that, and then Bellasugar had Kate Bosworth demonstrating the look!

Heels such as these Jessica Simpson pumps are a great option because of the space between the reds it won’t be an overload of such a power color all in one place!  $88

A red bag is great even when your not matching your lips to your accessories, but this bright Alexander McQueen would go so beautifully with cherry red lips or even nails!  $1685

The most simplistic would be a hint of red like this Knot2much2ask bracelet, where people might think you are so stylish you accidentally paired it together, but the price is a bit high for a piece of string. $110

If you want to emulate Taylor exactly then these red shades by Carrera are it!  Make sure to choose matching shades for your lips and the glasses other wise it will clash.  $120

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.

Getting Lengthy with Blake Lively

Every gossip girl knows the key to great jewelry accessorizing is layers!  Layering bracelet, multiple rings, but today I want to focus on layering necklaces, or really the illusion of layering necklaces!

Blake Lively is effortlessly stylish, or so it would seem!  She has said that she and her character on the CW’s Gossip Girl, Serena, have very similar style, if that is so then she got some very good style genes!

This first Alex and Ani necklace is so great! It makes layering necklaces so easy!


Ralph Lauren hit a strong note with this tiered necklaces, it’s very delicate but you could even add another necklace to this one with charms for a more intense effect!


What I like about this Betsey Johnson necklace is the charms! It makes it more personal and something like this would be great for wearing during the day. However at night it may give off a childish feel.

Lord and Taylor-$50

This chain necklace has a simple but kitschy vibe, with it’s sporadic details.  It could transfer from day to night with the change of an outfit.


Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.