Kristen Stewart Gets An Outfit Change!

Kristen Stewart seems to prefer function over fashion, which made me think many women probably are the same, but every wants to be a little fashionable so I came up with a few ideas to spice up her outfit that might work for you too!

She’s wearing flat sneakers and maybe she doesn’t like heels, so I found  these boots from Silhouettes that have a very small heel, but still keep it mostly flat.  $169

A shawl is great because of the endless outfit combinations.  Just throwing a shawl like this one from Gap over this or any outfit can help greatly.  $69

Kristen doesn’t appear to be wearing any jewelry, and jewelry can sometimes be more of a hassle than anything, but adding some bangles like these KARA by Kara Ross will jazz up a plain jane outfit!  $275

Simple is always nice but it doesn’t always go unnoticed!  A simple necklace like this Majorica Loveknot necklace adds interest but isn’t overwhelming for the wearer.  $145

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The Oscars with Amy Adams!

You probably remember from science class that a geode is a rock with crystals in the center.  Who would have thought it could have been turned into such beautiful jewelry that anyone could love!  Amy Adams is a fan of Kim Mcdonald’s geode jewelry, as is Halle Berry and Brooke Shields.  It’s jewelry that’s environmentally friendly!

These raw geode earrings from Max & Chloe are so pretty with the combination of brown and gold!  I haven’t seen any but some geode stud earrings would look great also!  $345

Almost the complete color scheme opposite of the earrings this ring also by Max & Chloe has an edgier look because of the contrast between the black and the silver.  $395

Simple elegance is what I would say about this Kevia necklace.  The vibrant green geode is just stunning and very eye-catching, the simple chain really allows your eye to focus on the geode.  $138

Very avante garde, this ring is a combination of geode and diamonds, which while the shape is unusual the style is gorgeous.  Lotus Arts de Vivre has created a nice balance between the silver and crystal combination making it walk the line between between edgy and feminine.

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.