Victoria Beckham Caught In A White Out!

Summer and the deepest part of winter have something in common, you can wear pure white, in appropriate ways, during both!  Summer is great because you get to wear like Victoria Beckham is here, short and sassy!

This white dress from Asos is more asymmetrical than Victoria’s, but I like that it has the same sort of effortless chic feeling.  $160

Victoria is carrying a Hermes Birkin bag, and because those are hard to come by and expensive, I just this KATHY Van Zeeland white handbag with a little silver detailing.  $110

I love white heels, they are so versatile!  These Miss Me pumps have a great platform and at a great price!  $39

I didn’t notice Victoria wearing a ring but I saw this Guess ring and that it was so cute!  It also ties in the black like the button if you wanted to wear black sunglasses too!  $18

Where I found it all!

All photo credit to appropriate sources.

Lengthy Times With Kim Kardashian!

I’m not always a fan of layering too much jewelry, but I do like these necklaces that are built in layering, it’s easy to just throw one on and like Kim knows, it will add interest and glamour to almost any outfit!

I like this Archive Bonaparte necklace because it’s very long and creates a great oval shape, it’s like a modern take on the 40’s flapper necklaces.  $115

Hive and Honey creates a much shorter option but if you prefer shorter necklaces, than this would be a great option for you, this necklaces also includes chain which adds a bit of edge to any look!  $30

A completely different style from the previous necklaces, but this necklace from Express gives the feeling of vintage with the pearls but modern with the chain.  $59

Where I found it all!