Winter Coats

Ok so in the winter you can be very fashionable…but the only people who know are the ones indoors, because outside your wearing your jacket.  I will be the first to admit that Wearing a heavy coat to stay warm isn’t always the most fashion forward piece of my outfit that day, but fortunately one of the trends for this season is coats with style! It’s so awesome that designers are coming out with coats that are also fashion statements as well as functional, because while women often choose fashion over comfort, enter the corset, but it’s nice to know that something’s can have dual functionality. For evening you could wear a mini dress underneath, with tights or leggings.


Burberry Trench Coat $995.00

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The coat with the gold hardware follows another popular trend being seen right now, it has a slight military jacket vibe, and the awesome part is the classy look the jacket maintains.


Guess 3/4 Trench Coat $99

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This next coat is a pattern which is great as long as the rest of your outfit, is neutral…think black, white, gray, and beige.


Forever 21 Marilyn Jacket $34

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The best part is the coat will do all the work! You can wear something simple and stylish underneath like skinny jeans and a cute top or even a button down, and pair it all with boots and a great bag like this Mulberry mitzy hobo.


Mulberry Mitzy Hobo $795

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Fashionate me!

I have a definite passion for fashion! I’m sure many women can share that love, of getting something new and then wearing it out and feeling fabulous. I love style no matter how it comes…whether it’s sunglasses, hats, purses, shoes, perfumes, jewelry, great clothes, or trendy accessories for your computer  I like it all.  I especially love it when I find one treasure that I know I will wear again and again or something perfect on sale.  I love shopping and now I’m excited to be able to help others shop for the trendy stylish items for making your everyday wardrobe more stylish.     Wearing the right outfit can make you stand out and look more distinguished, and it makes you feel great about yourself. I love the sky high heels, from Christian Louboutin.  The beautiful leather and heavy hardware of Chloe, but I also love my skinny virtual stretch denim jeans and my many American Apparel v-necks and I love pairing it all together!