Five Pinterest DIY Inspirations

Craft Inspiration

One hobby of mine is that I really enjoy making things.  Especially things I see, I start thinking to myself, “I could totally make that!” and sometimes it’s true.  But I think half the fun is the process of deciding on how to execute the idea in a new way.  I usually find these ideas on Pinterest.  Here are some of my favorites, what are your favorite hobbies?

This wool coat DIYwool-blanket-coat-2

Make it here! –

Hammock ideacd589a726878c53188c085bf9a840ff4

Make it here! –

Wrapped pendantHow-To-Wrap-a-Bead-Pendant-Fall-For-DIY-copy

*I actually tried this one already and it came out beautifully!

Make it here! –

Pearl bobby pinschanelpearl2

Make it here! –

Camera strap (could work as a purse strap as well)DIY Scarf Camera Strap 10 

Make it here! –

Creative Spaces and Places

Finding the right work space is essential to success.  Whether you find peace in a crowded coffee shop, the silence of your own home, or anywhere in between, discovering your zen will help achieve the greatest results.  For me, the muse of creativity strikes at many different times, but when I’m trying to write a song having a system helps me find that creativity.  When I’m songwriting I like to have several things on hand, my notebook(s), my computer, my phone, and my guitar/piano.  What helps you find your best results?